South Adams County Fire Protection District

Our Objectives

A department of excellence in providing services thru Education, Prevention, and Mitigation;

A department that is synonymous with the term leadership;

A department that fosters an environment of involvement, trust and cohesion;

A department responsive to the communities needs and concerns.

Our Mission

The mission of the South Adams County Fire Protection District #4 is to protect life, property, and the environment from fire, disaster, and hazardous materials related incidents through emergency mitigation, public education and code enforcement, and to provide advanced life support, medical aid and rescue with dignity and respect to all citizens and individuals equally.  To provide a work environment that values our volunteer and career staff through diversity, and is free of harassment and discrimination.


On February 9, 1942, the South Adams County Volunteer Fire Department was formed. The Department was an outgrowth of a local civil defense group resulting from world war II. The primary funding for the volunteers up until 1952 was through fundraising. In 1952 the South Adams County Fire District was formed with a 1/2 mill tax levy. In 1942 the volunteers responded to 69 fire calls with 10 volunteers, in 2013 the department responded to 7,045 calls with 90 volunteers and 9 paid staff. The Fire Department protected 26 square miles up to the year 2000, today the fire department protects approximately 76 square miles of residential, commercial, industrial, and open lands.  The South Adams County Fire Prevention Bureau was established in 1971 with 1 Fire Inspector, today the Fire Prevention Bureau consists of Two Deputy Fire Marshal’s, the department staffs two fire stations with paid staff, station 3 and station 8, with 3 Battalion Chiefs, and 21 Firefighters, support staff consist of one Administrative Assistant, one Vehicle Mechanic, and one Building Maintenance. The Volunteers pull shifts at the remaining fire stations or fill an open shift at station 3 or station 8.  The Fire District is governed by five Elected Officials. For Ambulance Service the Fire District has contracted with Northglenn Ambulance, Inc. and house Four Paramedic Ambulances, one each located at fire station 2, fire station 3, fire station 5, and fire station 8.