Open Burn Permit and Regulations

1. Permits must be obtained from the Fire Prevention Office Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Please call 303-288-0835 with any questions or concerns.
2. When applying for a permit, please include a copy of the approved Open Burn Smoke Permit from the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Pollution Control Division; Exceptions: Agriculture burning in accordance with the State Definition.
3. An onsite inspection by the Fire Prevention Bureau may be required prior to any permit being issued.
4. Open Burning permits shall only be valid from 10:00 am till sunset. Exception any agriculture burning may start at 7:00 am. Under no circumstances shall open burning be allowed to continue overnight.
5. Open burning will not be conducted if local wind conditions exceed 5 MPH.
6. All open burning shall be attended, and be supervised by one or more responsible adults, who shall have proper firefighting safeguards available (garden hose, adequate water or equivalent).
7. Applicants must notify dispatch prior to burning and after burning is complete. Dispatch can be reached at 303-288-1535.
8. No permit will be used under any circumstances for burning hazardous or toxic materials.
9. No open burning permits shall be issued during the better air campaign or other special pollution alerts, or local bans on open burning by local authorities.
10. Permits will not be issued for burning household trash, garbage, tires, rubber, plastics, coated wood products, (paints, varnish, creosote, and other surface coatings), wire insulation or other materials that would produce more smoke than clean burning material.
11. Permits for agricultural open burning include dry cover vegetation, weeds along irrigation ditches and fence lines.
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