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Board of Directors Election Details

The South Adams County Fire Protection District will conduct a regular polling place election May 5, 2020, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. At that time, (2) two directors will be elected for a 3-year term expiring in May 2023. With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Colorado, we are encouraging voters to apply for an absentee ballot for the May 5, 2020 election. By voting absentee, you will receive your ballot in the mail, vote, and mail it back to the address on the return envelope, thus eliminating the need to vote at the polls on Election Day. If you have already applied for permanent absentee voter status, there is no need to apply again.See links below:

NOTICE:  South Adams County Fire Protection District No. 4 cannot and does not endorse any particular candidate or candidates for any of the open seats on its Board of Directors in the upcoming election.  The District likewise cannot, has not and does not authorize the use of its logo in any campaign materials related to the election.

Board Candidates

Alexander Fairfield

Alexander Fairfield with his wife and 2 sons made their home Commerce City in 1999. Currently Alex is a Paramedic with the local ambulance company and is still there 25 years later as Logistics Director. Along with his long career as a Paramedic, Alex, was a volunteer firefighter with South Adams County for 11 years and obtained the rank of Lieutenant with hard work and dedication. He has been fine-tuning his knowledge and experience with emergency medical services since 1993, when he first became a Certified EMT Basic working with Search & Rescue agencies as well as other fire agencies over the years. He has developed a knowledge of how emergency services operate and how to maintain high quality care in both operations and administrative aspects.

Alexander was elected by the citizens and currently serves on the Board of South Adams County Fire Department as the President. He was first appointed in 2014 to the board as a member at large, re-elected in 2016 and became the Treasurer on the board. His accomplishments thus far as a Board member of South Adams county Fire includes:

  • Transitioning the Fire Department from an All-volunteer department to a Career/Volunteer Department.
  • Moving the Fire District from an ISO level 6 to an ISO level 2.
  • Hiring a new Fire Chief.
  • Creating a 5-station response model with 24/7 Fire Fighters.

All goals that have been set by the department and Fire Board have been met.

Alex also represents all special districts in the city for the Commerce City Urban Renewal Authority. This helps keep all agencies in tune with the new plans and goals that the city has. Alexander will continue to advance fiscal responsibility, innovation and assist in leading the department into the future by continuing to follow the department’s goals and the SACFD Mission.

Craig Machuga

I am running for re-election for Director of The South Adams County Fire District. I have been involved with South Adams County Fire District for over 40 years; my father was a retired fire chief and District Board Member. I joined and rose through the ranks of the Fire Department and was Chief for three years. I retired from the volunteers to serve on the Fire District Board and have served on the board for 8 years.

I have been part of many changes to the good of the District and Fire Department. Hiring the first paid Fire Chief, going from all Volunteer Fire Department to a paid department. We went from one full time staffed fire station to five full time staffed fire stations.
Continually representing and protecting the citizens of the Fire District is my main reason for running for re-election.

Mario Domenico

Mario Domenico is a Director of Engineering at a local tech company in Denver. He has lived in Adams County all his life and has made Commerce City his home for the past seven years. He is a fourth generation Adams County native whose family once farmed most of the open ground in Welby, Colorado. Mario’s family, including a former Chief of Adams County Fire Protection District, has been involved in Fire Protection for more than three decades. Two of his cousins continue to serve in the same district. In an effort to live out his family’s value of giving back to his community, Mario is running for a position on the board of directors for South Adams County Fire Protection District.

As someone who regularly approaches challenges with an innovative perspective, Mario believes he is well suited to serve the people of South Adams County Fire Protection District. He takes great pride in his work, adeptly coaching people to work as a team. Mario challenges the tech teams he manages daily to think outside the box and find fresh solutions to pressing issues so as to prevent future problems through well-crafted and fiscally responsible response plans. With honor and a passionate sense of integrity as hallmarks of his character, Mario will strive to address some of the financial concerns facing the constituents in this district. Ultimately, he will make every effort to keep the department accountable to its mission of “protecting life, property, and the environment through prevention, response, and education.”

Mario believes it is time for a fresh voice on the board of directors. It is time for the board to realize its potential, move in innovative directions, and respond to the changing needs of the constituents of South Adams County Fire Protection District. If you are looking for change and innovation, vote for Mario Domenico.

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